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My favorite songs from the Swing Kids movie sound track CD
  which came out in 1993.
Here is some more info that didn't fit into the ID3.
beiMirBistDuSchon  (hi-fi) 
  Vocals by Manhatten Transfer's Janis Siegel.
  1937 English translation was a hit for the Andrews Sisters.
Daphne  (hi-fi)
  Django Reinhardt
Good Night My Love  (lo-fi 1936)
  (The only track I included that is not a modern hi-fi re-recording.)
  Ella Fitzgerald at age 18 in her only appearance with Benny Goodman.
LIFE Goes To A Party  (hi-fi) 
  Goodman/Basie medley with Jumpin' at the Woodside
Shout And Feel It (hi-fi)
Sing Sing Sing  (hi-fi)
  a short version!
I omitted several other swing/bigBand songs off the album because I
didn't like the arrangements and/or low sound quality.
Needless to say I also omitted the James Horner background pieces.