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What is OCP?

Orthodox Christian Press was established in 1994, and is recognized as a non-profit corporation of the State of California. The reasons for the establishment of OCP parallel those for the establishment of the Western Rite itself.

During the last thirty years many dramatic changes have taken place within the Orthodox Church in our country as it has sought to meet the spiritual and intellectual needs of the American people. In no instance is this more obvious than in the increased production of high quality, attractive printed materials in the English language dealing with the Orthodox Faith by various private publishing houses.

While many of these publications are of great value to all Orthodox Christians, very few deal specifically with issues of concern to either Orthodox Christians of the Western Rite or those who seek to adopt the Orthodox Faith in a Western context.

The need is not limited only to liturgical materials. There is also a lack of publications in the fields of Western Orthodox spirituality, apologetics, history, hagiology, Christian education, evangelism, and related subjects.

While the need has been apparent for many years, little was able to be done to correct the problem until a number of individuals within the Western Rite Deanery of the Western States expressed interest in 1994 in contributing to a concerted effort in the production and publication of such materials.

This interest led to the formation of Orthodox Christian Press, incorporated in the State of California. The initial formation and early efforts of the Press were made possible largely through the generousity of Dr. Albert Attyah and Mr. Naseeb Saliba, whose financial assistance allowed the purchase of computer software and artwork materials,

Initially, the major undertaking of the Press has been the publication of the second edition of the St. Andrew Service Book. With this task now complete, the Press hopes to resume quarterly publication of The Occidental, along with several other projects.

Support of the Press through editorial, technical, or financial assistance is actively encouraged.

Contact OCP by sending email to or paper mail to
Orthodox Christian Press
3333 Workman Mill Rd.
Whittier, CA 90601
Telephone : (310) 692-6121